Coko started with a simple philosophy: To help Vietnamese women have access to products that applied modern medical technology while being safe, benign, and effective.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and probably one of the most important features of women. Therefore, we strongly believe that your skin needs scientifically-researched products that have been used in specialized medicine to maintain and enhance its natural beauty.

Since January of 2017, we have spent more than 10 years researching and working with our Korean partners to clinically research, establish, and develop cellulose membranes which are commonly used in medical and cosmetic fields. We have tested them on thousands of women with all types of skin to recuperate it from unremarkable lesions and even use them as treatment of burns in hospitals around the world. Whether your skin is affected by hormonal changes, stress, or lifestyle influences, we understand that restoring lesions and help the skin stay gorgeous has always been, and will always be, the number one desire of every woman.

In addition, Coko also aims to introduce the image of Ben Tre coconut in particular and Vietnam in general into the international market through high quality cosmetic products.

Our commitment

Through a team of top experts, including dermatologists, we have researched and developed products that are not only adjustable upon request but also appear in a wide range and are clinically certified to effectively treat lesions. Furthermore, the ingredients are combined with the characteristics of Ben Tre coconut water: fresh and rich in minerals; then manufactured with the ideal compatibility with human blood, thus helping you to achieve the perfect skin that you have always longed for.

Simultaneously, to satisfy even the pickiest customer, besides perfecting the product quality, we also pay extra attention to designing the packaging of our products. After many tries, we came out with a luxurious and domestic packaging but highly recognized by foreign customers.

Our story


Making the best of natural resources with the leading technology in beauty industry

After more than 15 years working and researching at major cosmetic corporations, CEO Ha Thanh Nguyen realized that those cosmetic corporations around the world are highly interested in Vietnam’s natural resources. Therefore, she made a bold decision to start a business with natural materials: fresh coconut, to help customers have access to 100% “made-in-Vietnam” cosmetics products..

This low-cost, ultra-fine material is 75% compatible with human blood, rich in 15 minerals and beneficial antioxidants, and contains an enormous amount of stem cells which dearly offers skin rejuvenation, compatibility, and maximum safety for the customers. Coconut water is antibacterial, improves skin quality, and accelerates the healing speed of the skin. For more than 10 years, Ha Thanh Nguyen, in collaboration with experts in the world and Korean partners, have successfully researched and manufactured biological mask products from fresh coconut water, exclusively and proudly under the name of COKO Vietnam.

Only one year after since its first introduction to cosmetic market, Coko skin mask has passed the rigorous quality inspection in Singapore and officially entered the country with the most developed economy in Southeast Asia. This achievement is probably the most genuine assertion for product quality that CEO Ha have deeply researched.

Currently, COKO Vietnam is officially recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), thus our products are allowed to be exported worldwide, even to nations such as United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, etc.



As a visionary, CEO Ha believes that the application of science and technology to natural resources is right and necessary. The product is developed under the most stringent guidelines in the cosmetic industry in Vietnam: removal of unnecessary impurities, applications of technological advancement in biotechnology, addition of new active ingredients that are specifically suitable for each skin stype.

Your skin will definitely get stronger day by day and be protected from harmful compounds.